This Is F*cking Awesome: Resale Royalty Cast Does Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’

If you’re not up on the new summer reality shows storming the Style Network, brace yourself for Resale Royalty, debuting Sunday, May 12. The Rachel Zoe-produced endeavor chronicles Sue McCarthy and her daughters Diana and Laura, who own and operate one of the best designer resale stores in the country (so says the show’s press release, but we’ve never been to St. Louis so we can’t say for sure).

The show’s synopsis promises that it will deliver everything “from spectacular closet buys of posh St. Louis socialites to exclusive shopping tours across the country,” but given the clip below, we’re ready for a weekly dose of that special kind of awkwardness that arises when your aunts get drunk at a graduation party, and go around squeezing all the highschool boys’ muscles.

The only thing we love more than inappropriate and inebriated relatives, is Macklemore and his summer 2012 hit single (and YouTube sensation) “Thrift Shop”. This editor right here is probably responsible for about one third of the 278,534,539 plays, which is the actual count at time of publication. A twerk video it is not, but the women of Women’s Closet Exchange do a fine job of making it rain, flashing furs, and quasi-crypt-walking in bright yellow pumps, to the tune of Mack’s ode to thrifty shopping.

If Style Network’s C-list-heavy show lineup is any indication, Resale Royalty will deliver a power-packed episode of very specific accents, people who are famous because we don’t know why, and, in this case, shopping! See also: Tia & Tamera, Jerseylicious, and Kimora: House of Fab. We will say one thing, everything Rachel Zoe touches turns to gold (or black, and a loose blazer, and platforms), so with her and Rog on the scene the show might just win us over. Based on the pelvic thrusting and what appears to be chicken dancing in this silly video, the ladies in St. Louis are up for a whole lotta humiliation. TGIF, guys, go pop some tags!

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