Do You Like Celebs More When They Look Smaller?

If you’ve read our humble little site more than once, you’ll know how incensed we get when we see a particularly bad bout of Photoshop tomfoolery. But we saw a post today that made us wonder whether we would feel the same about the process if pictures celebrities were altered to make them look fat instead of rail thin.

The good people of Dumage took magazine and red-carpet photos of everyone from Jim Carrey to Jessica Beil and added rolls of fat and stretched them out to make the normally svelte celebrities look obese. Gizmodo‘s Jesus Diaz is of the opinion that you like the stars you like regardless of whether they’re fat or thin, and we agree. We loved Charlize Theron when she gained weight for Monster’s Ball, and we loved her when she lost it again. We notice that Lady Gaga has picked up a few pounds here lately, but we don’t like her any less than we normally do for the extra weight. Conversely, Taylor Momsen would irk us equally if she was twice her current weight of five pounds, three ounces.

The photos below are equally as distorted as the ones we see in magazines every day. So if altering the appearance of someone famous doesn’t change the way we feel about them, why is it even done to begin with? Is it for the sake of art? To employ people? To purposefully perpetuate the idea that overweight is ugly and that we all should have impossibly thin bodies?

We don’t know. But we’re eager to hear what you think about the photos below.

See the rest of the photos here, and let us know if you think “reverse” Photoshopping would ever see the light of print.

[Via Gizmodo and Drumage]

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