Riccardo Tisci To Donatella Versace: ‘I Am Very Happy At Givenchy’

Cool people talking to other cool people is the bread and butter of Interview, and every month we can’t wait to see who the magazine will pair together. Included in the June/July double issue is a little established fashion royalty/new fashion royalty tête-à-tête. So, what exactly did Donatella Versace and Riccardo Tisci chat about?

Well, first there is some inevitable fawning. Riccardo’s all, “My inspiration comes from many sources, and one of those sources is precisely the maison Versace.” And then Donatella’s like, “There is this passion for fashion and you’ve had so much success in Paris. You are one of the most talented designers there.” Kiss kiss, Italian pride, etc. But then it just keeps going on like that! Riccardo is obsessed with Donatella and Versace, Donatella is obsessed with Riccardo and his work at Givenchy. We get it!

There are some more revealing bits, however. For example, did you know Riccardo liked hip-hop and R&B? He cites Nicki Minaj as a current fixation, and he loves “the voices of those back in the day like Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Ciara.” So, that’s something. We’re also grateful Donatella bit the bullet and asked him about those Dior rumors.

VERSACE: Now I must ask you, do you have new ideas for Givenchy, or something new for Riccardo Tisci? I think you know what I mean. [laughs]

TISCI: Yes, I know what you mean. You mean what happened at Dior. I don’t know what will happen. Sincerely, I feel sorry for John. But for this moment I am leaving aside all the gossip of “I am going here, I am going there,” because there is a lot of gossip circulating and there always will be. I will tell you, in this moment, I am very happy at Givenchy and it is a moment in which I am bringing the game to the next level. So I tell you, I feel at home. It’s as if it were my son. I don’t know how to explain it. It would be very difficult for me to leave.

VERSACE: It’s like your child, there.

TISCI: Absolutely. Because I arrived here, with a destroyed house, with nothing. I had to do everything very slowly. And with a little team and a great president, we achieved a lot. I am happy here. For now, it is still Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, and I think that it will be for a long time, because it will be difficult to evict me from my house. I feel good here! [laughs]

VERSACE: We will see if this is the whole truth!

TISCI: No, I would really say that, at the moment, it really is the truth. My truth is this: That I don’t know what will happen tomorrow because you can never know.

Tricky, tricky Tisci! But, yeah, we still think he’s making moves to Dior. Also, how sick are the accompanying Steven Klein-shot photos? Here is Saskia de Brauw and Guinevere van Seenus looking all fancy in Givenchy:


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