Freak Show! Site Compiles The Most Ridiculous Poses Ever

Fashion tends to take itself super seriously, but every so often, you’ll open a glossy and think, “WTF?” Maybe it was a gangly model channeling her inner carnie and contorting her limbs like a human pretzel. Or maybe a horrifyingly grotesque Dolce & Gabbana-endorsed orgy.

The comical truth is that the overly creative director probably wasn’t joking when he asked the model to strip naked in a pair of heels and make love to the tile floor — but who’s to say we can’t relish in the ridiculousity of these poses. Of course, in my opinion, nothing beats the oft-imitated Miley Cyrus “kissy face” on the ridiculous meter, but whilst on the the hunt for more artistic fare we stumbled across Ridiculous Pose’s dedicated catalogue of model fails and couldn’t help but share.

Karlie working it with her fingers on fire, a Manicorn and a Man-madillo (man/armadillo)… We giggle helplessly in front of our computer screens. Here were a few stunners worth circulating around the office.

Who knew the boys from the Jersey Shore played so well with My Little Pony? Makes me dream of Jazzercise.

Because one cross-breed is never enough — enter the cardboard man-madillo.

Not sure what’s going on here, but a few limbs seem to be missing (again.)

Love that Karlie somehow manages to keep the same face even when her fingers are ablaze. Tyra would totally approve.

While we’re at it, we’d like to recommend this pose, from Details‘ March Issue:

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