WATCH: Was Rihanna Drunk During Her Facebook Live Interview?

Whether it’s cuddling Kate Moss or walking around town in a sheer top sans bra, Rihanna has no problem doing what she wants. And as a 24-year-old mega star with 23 Top 10 hits, she can get away with it. Well, her latest schtick is a live Facebook interview with Andy Cohen, during which she may or may not have been drunk.

During the interview, Cohen asks Rihanna which of her own songs is her favorite, and she answers that it was previously “Umbrella”, and now it’s “Diamonds”.

“That’s a really powerful song even to listen to it. It just gets you, like, you just get sucked in. Even if you’re in the club, it really [bleep]s with your head. Like, ‘This is deep right now. I’m too drunk for this shit.'”

She continues to discuss her music with Chris Brown, her private life, and how her mother still checks on her “on the reg”. Page Six points out that Rihanna might’ve been “especially candid because she was a little liquored up”. However, we think that Rihanna was merely referring to how one would feel in a club while listening to “Diamonds”, not her state of mind during the interview.

Well, this is coming from Page Six. Watch it for yourselves right now. What do you think?

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[Page Six]

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