Could Looking Too Good On This Tank Cost RiRi The Topshop Lawsuit?

Rihanna may not like how she looks in the allegedly unauthorized photo Topshop screened on their “Rihanna” tank top — in fact, she’s currently embroiled in a major lawsuit over it — but the UK fans that snapped it up before the retailer pulled it from their website certainly do. Here’s why that might not be such a good thing for the pop star.

BuzzFeed got their hands on a copy of the official court documents, which detail the claims made by Rihanna and her lawyers as well as the arguments from Topshop’s legal team. First things first, Ri-Ri is not actually suing for $5 million, as the New York Post originally claimed. Rather, the amount awarded will be negotiated after the suit, and only if she wins (which, based on the current provisions allowed to artists in the UK, would set a major precedent).

Now, as for how her superlative hotness could hurt her in the case, one claim from the pop star’s camp asserts that Topshop used an unattractive paparazzi photo rather than a carefully-styled official shot: “The base image [on the “RIHANNA TANK”] is of such an unflattering nature that it would no [sic] be approved, and is inconsistent with the quality of appearance controlled by the claimants through the foregoing licensing regime.”

To which Topshop has said, “Oh, hellll no!” Or, more accurately:

“It is denied that the RIHANNA TANK is of low quality. It is further denied that reviews on the defendant’s website have complained about the colouring of the image on the garment. There have as at the date of this Defence been 5 reviews left on the website which, so far as material, state as follows:

i ‘Overall it is a really lovely top and washes well, it is slightly more faded looking than the online picture but nonetheless still a very nice top.’

ii ‘The idea of it is lovely but also the pictures rather faded and less intense and bright as it may seem on the Internet.’

iii ‘It was good value for money and the picture is really good quality.’

iv ‘Wasn’t sure if it would look as good as it does online but it’s better!’

v ‘The picture of Rihanna on it is gorgeous too!’”

Losing a lawsuit because she looks too good? Man, Ri-Ri just can’t catch a break.


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