Rihanna Commits Faux Pas, Tweets About Her Second Vogue Cover

It’s practically a cardinal sin in the world of fashion magazines to leak cover information before the issue hits newsstands (not that people don’t do it anyways…no ever one said this industry was made of saints!) Even Rihanna was guilty of telling the world about her April 2011 spread four months before the fact — and, what do you know?, now she’s at it again.

The pop star tweeted this morning that she’s shooting her second cover for the glossy today with celeb photographer Annie Leibovitz. Just like the last time, she promptly deleted the dispatch, but luckily our friends over at The Cut caught it before it was wiped off her feed:

“It’s a big day for me!!! I’m shooting my SECOND AMERICAN #VOGUE COVER and it’s with none other than thee Annie Leibovitz again! #VogueLife.”

#VogueLife, indeed. In any case, we dug the Ariel vibe of her first cover, and her latest for Harper’s Bazaar was seriously stunning, so we’re sure the snaps will make the grade. Let’s just hope the mag has enough new material for their profile given how many “tell-all” interviews 24-year-old Rih has been giving as of late.

[@rihanna via The Cut]

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