Robert Duffy Just Took A Video Of Himself Getting Naked Off YouTube

What’s the best way to acknowledge that one of your former employees is trying to sue the pants off you in a high-profile sexual harassment case? If you’re Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy, you film a video yourself (and a ripped body double) taking your clothes off in a store stock room.

In the video, posted on (and taken off of) YouTube Tuesday, Duffy suffers the indignity of restoring a large plastic bin of Jacobs-designed merch back in its rightful place among other such bins, and works up a sweat in the process. To cool down, he removes everything but his Jacobs-branded tighty-whities, and the camera pauses at every garment and accessory to show off that item’s product description and price. (Did you know Marc Jacobs will make you a $78,000 diamond ring? That’s some Harry Winston level pricing right there! But we digress.)

Duffy uses a body double when the camera has to focus on his torso — and we know this because the tattoo on his right forearm is missing in those shots, and because that $78,000 ring doesn’t quite fit the model’s hand as well as it does Duffy’s. Also, unless you’re a body builder or a professional athlete, how is it possible to be over 40 and have museum-quality abs? (Take a look at said abs, and tell us they were actually hiding under the gray blazer Duffy wore during Fashion Week in February, below.)

We get that the video was an attempt at levity, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And when your former chief financial officer is suing you for allegedly forcing him to watch gay porn at the office, maybe putting crotch shots online isn’t a great idea, even if the crotch you shot is not your own. Which is probably why that video got taken down.

We reached out to a Marc Jacobs representative for comment, just in case there was another reason the video was expunged from the annals of the Internet. (Sometimes male models forget to sign release forms, you know?) If we find it anywhere else, we’ll be sure to let you know — and if you see it, send it to ASAP!

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