Jerseylicious Designer Cavalli Escapes The Dog House

It took him 8 years. But just in time for the hair-pulling ladies from New Jersey to get all dolled up for season two of the Real Housewives, word is that fashion’s godfather, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has been cleared in court on charges of tax evasion.

Talk about a nail biter — we’ve got to believe there are some acrylics that have seen better days. Though certainly his leopard print clientele is no stranger to pinches by “the man.”

As WWD reports, tax authorities originally accused the designer of dodging his fiscal responsibilities back in 2002, claiming he had failed to account for about 5 billion lire, or $3.14 million in real estate holdings between 1996 and 2000.

Ultimately, he was convicted by a lower court on the charges but called the judgement unjustified, citing a lack of criminal record as well as the fact that his estate — including two swimming pools, a collection of animal-print rugs and antique statues of the Madonna — also served as the designer’s headquarters. Ahhh, the old animal print rug defense — in any other case, we’d be skeptical.

But apparently the courts were convinced and the verdict was thrown out; as they say: fuggettaboutit. Well, we’re sure someone, somewhere is raising a glass — or more likely a crystal-encrusted goblet. So salut! Though we’ll be honest, we’d like to see what the man would have done with a prison jumpsuit.

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