Robin Givhan Joins The Daily Beast And Newsweek

When The Washington Post announced to its staff late yesterday that Pulitzer prize winning style columnist Robin Givhan would be leaving the paper, it didn’t say where she was going. Perhaps that’s because Givhan left to work at Tina Brown‘s properties, The Daily Beast and Newsweek, news operations both radically different from the Post.

But being radically different is Givhan’s claim to fame. She is, after all, the only fashion writer to have earned the prestigious Pulitzer for criticism, and she’s turned the catty practice of analyzing people’s wardrobe choices into an elegant and noble art. Who else could get away with, for example, publishing a book lauding Michelle Obama‘s style one day and cutting her down for wearing shorts the next?

Her bluntness doesn’t extend to all corners of her life, however. Givhan told WWD that making the decision to leave the post wasn’t as cut and dry as calling Justice Elena Kagan‘s refusal to cross her legs unladylike.

“I obviously didn’t make the decision to leave quickly or without a lot of soul-searching,” Givhan told WWD. “I’ve been a sniffling, blubbering wreck for the last few days. The Post has been an unbelievable place to work. But I think it was time for me to have a new adventure, and Tina’s vision of what Newsweek can be is incredibly enticing and, I think, spot-on.”

Whether the new Newsweek will turn out to be as spot on as Givhan’s penchant for analyzing sartorial choices in Washington and beyond remains to be seen. She’s decided to work primarily from DC, so we’re a little sad that we won’t spot her in New York other than during fashion week. But we have no doubt that Givhan is well-equipped to take on the world’s style highs and lows, no matter where she sits and no matter where she works.

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