The Curious Case Of Mitt Romney’s Extremely Large American Flag Pin

If you watched last night’s presidential debate, you might’ve picked up that President Barack Obama‘s American flag pin was noticeably smaller than Mitt Romney‘s. Even if you had the television on “mute”, you could see that the pins were distractingly dissimilar in size, and that there might’ve been what seemed like dirt on Romney’s. So, what’s up with that?

While Obama’s pin was quite standard, and didn’t distract from his words, Romney’s was an eyeful. According to a tweet from the governor’s personal aid, D.G. Jackson, Romney’s pin was an old gift from Secret Service agents that protected him. The flag features the Secret Service’s star — a five-point star with a organization’s logo in the middle.

So, was this oversized patriotic piece of flair a calculated gesture or just an incidental accessorizing decision? Honestly, we’ll never know — and that’s politics for you.

Take a look at the pins below:

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