WATCH: Did Ron Paul’s Eyebrows Fall Off During This Week’s GOP Debate?

In any political debate, you would expect the candidates would be able to, for the most part, hold themselves together. So why did Congressman Ron Paul‘s eyebrows look like they were falling off during this week’s presidential showdown?

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Paul gathered with the other Republican candidates for president at Dartmouth College, but he was the only one whose face looked like it was about fo melt off. Specifically, The New York Times observed that Paul’s “appeared to have a second, thinner brow under the one headed south, creating a delicate X over his right eye.”

And it’s true — you can see in the video of the debate that Paul’s eyebrows are at least a little askew. The congressman’s spokespeople say his allergies were acting up (which, you know, great explanation), and that any suggestion that he’s using some kind of false brows is an insult. Still, it’s a little suspicious. We get the sniffles any time we’re prevailed upon to be around cats, but our sideburns don’t float away from our faces. And if you take a look at the close up, that’s sort of what it looks like is happening. Either that or Paul has some weird genetic mutation that allows him to have one double helix brow that no one has noticed for 76 years.

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So what happened? Is his face experiencing the kind of tectonic shift normally reserved for, um, tectonic plates? Were the brows glued on? Take a look at video of his remarks at the debate below, and tell us what you think is going on up there.

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