PHOTOS: Rooney Mara Makes Her W Magazine Debut

On the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock the last couple years, a Swedish series by the name of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is, as W calls it, the biggest literary franchise since Harry Potter. The books (of which there are three) has sold more than 50 million copies world wide and were made into a trilogy of movies by Swedish director Niels Oplev and starring actress Noomi Rapace in the title role. The movies are now being (re)made in the U.S. by director David Fincher, with relative unknown Rooney Mara taking over as heroine Lisbeth Salander — a fraught role if there ever was one.

The role of Salander typically divides fans into two camps: those who believe Rapace is, was, and forever will be Salander, and those who, well, could care less. Fincher has been notoriously strict regarding set leaks, which means the only photos so far seen of Mara as Salander look like they were taken with a telephoto lens from a helicopter. Until now.

Stefano Tonchi continues his revamping of W from a fashion tome into an all-around lifestyle bible by once again featuring an of-the-moment movie star on the cover — in this case, Mara in full Lisbeth Salander regalia.

And so, let the debate begin. Here is a photo of Rapace’s Salander, for comparison.

David Fincher Gets The Girl [W]

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