Aussie Designer: Plus Sizes Promote Unhealthy Living

Fashion’s always had its body issues. But lately it seems like the industry-wide weight debate has reached a fevered pitch. And we’ll join the chorus in saying it’s about darn time: plus-size models are getting more work, designers are embracing curves and the industry (for the most part anyways) seems to be finally realizing that it need not parade a gaggle underfed tween-agers down the runway to sell its wares. There’s even a full-figured fashion week!

But big girl acceptance remains the exception rather than the rule — these things don’t change over night, darling –and there are still plenty of fashion folks bent on rationalizing their thinly-veiled preferences in anyway possible.

Consider Australian designer Rosemary Masic of Nevenka who the Sydney Morning Herald reports refuses to offer clothes in anything higher than an Australian size 14 — a U.S. 10! — because she says it endorses an unhealthy lifestyle. Of course, starving yourself to fit into a size 00 doesn’t sound like something the ‘Surgeon General’ would recommend either but, apparently, that’s neither here nor there. Not surprisingly, Nevenka’s comments have ruffled more than a few feathers.

But what’s new?

If you’re thin, you’re starving yourself. If you’re fat, you’re unhealthy. And if you pull a Sophie Dahl and shed a few pounds, than you’re just bowing to the industry standards. A girl just can’t win. Anyways, wherever you weigh in, the fact remains that big girls are big business. So maybe it’s just time to give in and face the fat: plus-sizes aren’t going away. And the sooner designers stop making excuses and start offering options that don’t involve an elastic waistband…the better.

Via Stylist.

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