Royal Honeymoon Photos Surface, Cause Royal Freakout

Photos have surfaced from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon, and predictably the royal family is none too pleased. Quite frankly, neither are we.

That’s not to say that we’re above enjoying the sight of Wills in his zany swim trunks and Kate in her chic black bikini, but for once in our lives it appeared as though the tabloids we love to hate were maintaining some shred of integrity. For fourteen months, even the raggiest of gossip rags seemed to have complied with the palace’s wishes to let the newlyweds have but a few days of privacy. So much for that particular stroke of naivety!

Australian tabloid Women’s Day did the honors this week by splashing a photo of the royal couple walking hand-in-hand on the beach on their cover along with the promise of fifteen more inside. The images were snapped with what we can only imagine was a super-telephoto lens during the couple’s 10-day honeymoon on the Seychelles’ exclusive North Island in May 2011. Apparently even $720,000 doesn’t buy you total privacy when you’re as famous as Will and Kate.

A cool million might have, though. Yahoo! Shine consulted celebrity business journalist Jo Piazza and estimate that the cover shot was worth one million dollars — double what the asking price might have been were the Duchess not in a bikini. As for the fourteen-month delay between the honeymoon and the date the photos were published, The Daily Beast speculates that a more high-profile tabloid may have commissioned the images, but backed out of publishing them for fear of alienating themselves from the palace. Contract stipulations would likely have prevented the photog from shilling them elsewhere until now, and the fact that the rag is based in Australia indicates he was probably bound by location restrictions as well.

Sorry Us Weekly! Guess you’ll have to settle for another non-story about Kimye and the rest of the Kardashian klan this week. Sigh.

[Yahoo! Shine]

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