One Of Kate & William’s Two Wedding Cakes Is A Fruitcake

From all that we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot), Kate Middleton and Prince William are a really, really lovely couple. Remember that cute engagement interview? In the latest bit of royal wedding news, we now know all about Kate’s dress! KIDDING. We still know pretty much nothing. But we do know all about their wedding cakes! Yes, cakes plural! Ugh, we love them even more now.

In a sweet (punny!) bit of compromise, both Kate and William are contributing a cake to the festivities. William’s is a chocolate biscuit cake which sounds both delicious (chocolate!) and British (biscuit!). The cake will be made from a royal family recipe by the McVitie’s Cake Company that includes “dark chocolate, broken up tea biscuits, and some secret ingredients.” Also, there’s the sentimental factor — William often ate the cake with his tea when he was a kid. Awww.

Kate’s cake is a bit more involved. And…it’s a fruitcake. We normally wouldn’t endorse a fruitcake, because ew, but this one sounds kind of great! Kate selected a celeb cakemaker named Fiona Cairns to create the confection. It will incorporate “dried raisins, walnuts, cherries, grated orange and lemon, and French brandy to soak many of the fruits overnight,” but the best part about it is the decoration.

Cairns is using the Lambeth Method, which is a fancy English style of cake decorating that involves “intricate piping and scrollwork to create leaves, flowers and other decorative elements.” And it’s the foliage that won us over. Seriously. Each of the 16 types of floral embellishments Kate chose hold a certain significance.

The bridal rose and a flower named Sweet William are clever choices, while oak references strength and lily of the valley denotes humility. Ivy, which symbolizes marriage, is also thrown into the mix. Cool, right? It sounds like Kate really went all out when it came to conceptualizing the cake, even bringing in mood boards for Cairns. If she’s putting this much thought into her cake, we can only imagine how special her dress will be.

Oh wait, and there are pictures! Though we’ll have to wait another 33 days to see the final products, here is the cakemaking in action:

[AP via HuffPost Style]

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