Awkward Or Adorable: Royal Wedding Now Has Official Website

Prince William and Kate Middleton joined throngs of modern couples the world over Wednesday when they launched their official wedding website. Except theirs probably gets a lot more pageviews than your cousin’s marital Tumblr.

You’ll find everything you could ever need or want to know about the royal wedding (except who’s desgining Kate’s dress) on From where to get the official royal wedding commemorative china (how cute is the pill box they’re making?) to who’s paying for the whole shebang (hint: not the British government), it’s on there. There’s even a press release about the launch of the royal wedding web site on the royal wedding web site. Thorough.

Reuters reports that the site will also have video and photos of the couples, but they’re not hosted on the site — instead they link to the Royal Family’s Kate and Wills playlist on YouTube and their Flickr. In that regard, it looks pretty much like every other couple’s wedding site. World famous royalty: they’re just like us!

The website is a cute nod in the direction of modernity, which from all indications is exactly where the royal couple want their relationship to go. No servants, no life at court, and all the info about their wedding right at the click of a mouse.

If you’re looking for more practical information about the wedding, the British government also launched a wedding website today. At there’s a Google Map of the wedding route and all sorts of information you can use if you’re going to London on April 29th.

Prince William’s official wedding website launched [Reuters]

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