Ryan Gosling Brought A Gun To His GQ Interview

We’re not gonna lie — we’re pretty excited about the Ryan Gosling renaissance that’s happening right now, courtesy of his appearance in And for all the flak we give GQ, we’re even more excited that Gosling will be beating his way down the Academy Award warpath in January on its cover. And the cover, Gosling’s first, looks crisp.

The men’s glossy dispatched Brett Martin to hang out with the actor in Los Angeles for a night, during which the two suited up, fooled around with a BB gun, and attended a seance. Yes. A seance.

The coordinating photo shoot (courtesy, again, of Mario Testino) doesn’t suggest it, but Gosling says there are things hates about being an actor, and about making films — although we don’t get the impression that doing a cover package for a major men’s magazine is one of them. The photos feature him wearing everything from Ralph Lauren Purple Label to Thom Browne, but the interview is where the real gold is. Herein, a few of our favorite moments from Martin’s profile, which will be on newsstands Dec. 21.

On making sandwiches after filming The Notebook:

That isn’t a joke: After his one legitimate Holly-wood hit, a perennial entry on Most Romantic Ever lists, the movie that still causes women to go to pieces on the street when they see him, Gosling followed up with a gig making sandwiches at a local deli … he really took to sandwich– making. “People used to come in and request me,” he says.
Yeah, I bet they did….
“Don’t say that!” he shouts. “I put love in those sandwiches!”

On not fitting in at The Mickey Mouse Club:

After auditioning among more than 17,000 kids across the continent, Gosling found himself Orlando-bound as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Among his young castmates were Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Here, at last, he figured, he couldn’t fail to find his tribe. But he was soon discouraged. For one thing, the rest of the cast and their families lived together in an apartment complex in Kissimmee. The Goslings, for whom the show had become a sole source of income, stayed for the whole first season in the Yogi Bear trailer park down the road. Gosling also worked less than some of the other kids, so he would grab a golf cart and head to Disney World, wandering the park alone.

On his life in general:

Gosling’s got his tie off, legs stretched out along our booth, but is otherwise surprisingly unruffled, given that we’re many hours and more than a few drinks in. It’s pushing 4 a.m. He says Blue Valentine is the best film he’ll ever make. “Look, this is crazy. I don’t understand how I’m here, living this life, wearing this suit. I assume I’m going to pay for it someday.”
Do you really? You expect retribution?
“I do. I really do. And that’s okay. It seems fair to me. I just want to be ready for it. I want to meet it like a gentleman.”

We’re not sold on the idea that there’s some form of punishment awaiting Gosling, but now that he’s a bona fide GQ guy we’re sure he won’t have any problem with the gentlemanly part of the equation. The interview isn’t online yet, but in the meantime, check out Testino’s photos of Gosling here.

How to Look Like a Movie Star [GQ]

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