Ryan Gosling ‘Spits In Fashion’s Face’ By Wearing Same Suit Twice

And the Ryan Gosling lovefest continues. Last night, he dropped by The Tonight Show where Jay Leno complimented him on his (per usual) very snazzy suit, which Gosling admitted was — gasp! — a repeat.

Their exchange went as follows:

Jay Leno: “That’s a nice suit. You look good. You look sharp.”

Ryan Gosling: “Thank you. I feel a little self-conscious about it. Because I already wore it once. And apparently in show business — you would know this — you can’t wear the same thing twice. It’s like spitting in fashion’s face. Or something. But I don’t care! I’m wearing it again. So take that, fashion!”

JL: “Now let me ask you another question. Is that like a free suit from a movie? Or did you buy that one?”

RG: “No, this is free. That’s why I want to wear it!”

We completely agree with you, Ry Ry! Also, doesn’t he know that guys are totally allowed repeats? It’s one of those Hollywood double standards. And in any case, he could walk around in pajamas and get away with it, so who is he kidding?


And part two of the interview is here, should you be interested.

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