Beauty Blogger Accuses Ryan Gosling of Nose Job

Someone once said you know you’ve made it when you Google yourself and “your name + feet” is one of the top results. We’d argue you know you’ve made it when people start alleging you’ve had plastic surgery.

Ryan Gosling has remained relatively untouched by these allegations, but today, Beauty Editor blogger Michelle Villett became one of the few individuals foolhardy enough to charge the Internet’s boyfriend with having gotten work done.

Hey girl — get ready for a lot of hate mail.

For a few weeks now, Villett has been posting before and after photos of stars such as Emma Watson, Megan Fox and Blake Lively — sometimes with commentary by plastic surgeons — to determine if they’ve had rhinoplasties, injections and other procedures, or if it’s just the progression of time.

Gosling is her latest study subject, and Villett’s called him out on having a nose job to straighten, thin and refine his schnoz. As unwavering believers in the powers of highlighter, growing into your features and flattering camera angles, we’re not about to back Villett’s claim despite her fairly well-presented argument.

Before you go tracking down her email address and/or sharpening your pitchfork, see the, um, evidence for yourself.

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