What Does Ryan Lochte Think Women Look Sexiest Wearing?

Ryan Lochte is undeniably the hottest Olympic swimmer of the Games. The guy has the most insane body ever, rocked those silly Ralph Lauren outfits, wore an American flag grill on the podium, stole our hearts in a “Call Me, Maybe” parody, and is also indirectly involved in another hilarious video. He is also very single, and definitely ready to mingle.

Women’s Health chatted up the hunky swimmer, and while the questions have nothing to do with health or nutrition, they do involve ladies. Lochte doles out his secret to getting a woman’s attention:

“Make eye contact. Some guys keep staring, but I’ll give a wink and come back later, because it keeps her thinking.”

And naughtily reveals what he thinks ladies look hottest in:

“One of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all. The second sexiest thing: white jeans.”

We’ll pass on the white denim, but definitely want to snuggle up in his button-downs. And with the man himself. Those arms! Perhaps his cheekiest reply is to the question “Do guys swap sex stories?” Survey says:


Points for honesty. Lochte also reveals that he sleeps naked (we are not surprised) and with the lights on (also not surprised).

Sadly, we prefer black skinnies. So if we ever run into Lochte, he’ll probably scoff and look the other way. Like this:

[Women's Health via Fashionista]

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