Ryan Lochte’s Sister Racist Says Her Remarks Were Part Of A Skit

Back in 2008, Ryan Lochte‘s sister Megan went on a crazy rant about Chinese people on a Baltimore talk show. We watched the gem last week, and were appalled and disgusted. But not one to be silent, she recently issued an apology and statement.

She writes:

“I would like to apologize for the video that is circulating on the Internet from 2008. During that time, I played a character on a television comedy show called ‘Closing Time TV,’ which was a show with different comedy skits, fake news skits, staged interviews, etc. The video in question reflects a skit from the show in which I acted as an ignorant guest on a talk show that made ignorant comments.

This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever. The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways. The skit and my character were SUPPOSED to be making fun of ignorance. It was never the intent to make fun of any culture or class of people.”

Comedy in general can be offensive, yet spread awareness. I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today’s widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist. I want to reiterate that this was NOT a real talk show, and I was not expressing my personal views. While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance, I realize that in application it did offend people, and for that I apologize.”

We’re skeptical, so we dug up some information on the now-defunct talk show. Per its MySpace page, the show does include skits, as well as regular sit-down interviews. At least Megan didn’t lie about that part:

Closing Time is a Late Night Comedy talk show, starring Baltimore-based comedian Mickey Cucchiella, the very funny Meg Lochte, and the sexy Pele Lovell. Closing Time is tailored to a late night crowd and will feature an off-the-wall cast. You can expect to see a variety of comedy acts, guests and skits. The cast and crew will also be traveling to unusual locations.

We watched a few other clips of Closing Time, however, and none of the interviewees played a character, nor were they spectacularly hilarious. So, as much as we want to believe that Megan was being racist for the sake of a skit, we really don’t. Apology not accepted.


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