Sally Singer Reveals How T Will Be Different From Vogue

New York’s fashion magazine industry got a shot in the arm earlier this year when it was announced that Stefano Tonchi was leaving T the NYT Style magazine to take over W, and Sally Singer was subsequently departing Vogue to take over his spot.

Tonchi’s new W hit newsstands late last month, with impressive results and now the world awaits the results of Singer at the helm. In the meantime, Singer provided Paper with a few hints of what the new T might look like and how it will differ from Vogue.

I don’t think Vogue is elite. Vogue speaks to too many people on too many different levels. It has a very specific emotional connection to women whose mothers may have read it, whose grandmothers may have read it. The Times has a very similar emotional connection to its readers, who read it to find out what’s going on in the world and to come across as more literate, informed global citizens. T has to speak to that as well. So often people think that to be in the serious, journalistic world, that fashion and lifestyle are sort of indulgences that exist as a guilty pleasure. That’s just utter nonsense to me. Everyone gets dressed every day and wants to look better. It’s a common denominator. So the question is, what are you going to put on and what is it going to say about you in the world?

I hope that there will be actual stories to read in it, because the Times is first and foremost a paper of great reporting. And it has to be relevant and honest and interesting. There also have to be real narratives and a sense of continuity between the world of the paper and the world in which the T images exist.

On a related note, if you’re someone who idealizes Sally Singer’s lifestyle as one you would like to aspire to than this passage will be a nice validation. Or turn you absolutely green with envy. Maybe it’s the same thing.

And she practices what she preaches, living her high-powered, working-mom life with gusto in her own eccentric off-the-grid style: Riding her bike to work everyday in her favorite YSL or Balenciaga; running to the emergency room on her way to a fashion show after one of her three cute sons gets hurt doing a skateboard stunt; ordering her weekly cruelty free organic food delivery from an upstate farm; searing duck breasts for a last-minute dinner party for 15 of her eclectic friends in her tiny kitchen in the Chelsea Hotel. It’s also not surprising that she’s been avidly reading PAPER for the past 23 years!

Sally Singer: Guru [Paper]

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