Singer: T Magazine Isn’t A ‘Dispatch From Project Style’

Newly installed T Magazine editor Sally Singer (formerly of Vogue), is making a lot of changes to Stefano Tonchi‘s old stomping grounds. But it’s not the fashion content she thinks needs fixing — it’s the actual stories. Because what would a good style magazine be without long-ranging features on everything from the New York literary scene or an excerpt from a book about autism?

WWD reports that Singer wants takes the fashion industry’s love of T, called The New York Times Style Magazine, entirely for granted. And while that love has generated the advertising dollars that are helping to keep the Times’ sinking ship afloat, it hasn’t made it the most respected section of the venerable newspaper. Singer says she’s going to change that.

“I want to make sure that the reader who reads the front page [of the Times] doesn’t think of T as this strange dispatch from ‘Project Style’ that they can toss away with everything else,” said Singer.

But the whole reason the Times started T Magazine in the first place was because it knew the magazine would make money, not win Pulitzers. And while we’ll never say no to a little injection of thought-provoking content among forward-thinking fashion spreads, we can’t help but wonder if Singer will sacrifice any of the magazine’s cachet with style-obsessed readers (and happy advertisers), with all the new content pouring in. The editor says that won’t be a problem.

“I think advertisers want to be in a magazine that is read by educated people who have the means to understand their product and possibly consume their product,” she said.

“I don’t think a luxury book simply contains products that cost a certain amount or look a certain way or are made in a certain place,” she said. “The definition of luxury is bigger and broader than that. It’s a bigger experience than that.”

For her sake, and for the time, we hope she’s right. Tonchi’s version of the magazine made $45.7 million in revenue in 2007, the year things were bleakest for the print industry. Fingers crossed Singer can keep that up.

Sally Singer Talks T [WWD (Subscription Required)]

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