Sally Singer: Mum’s The Word On First T Cover

More often than not, it isn’t too terribly hard to get most magazines to talk about an upcoming cover. So maybe, by refusing to say anything about the upcoming and highly anticipated issue of T Magazine, Sally Singer is trying to tell us that it won’t be like most magazines.

And with a rumor going around that her first cover, which will finally be available to us on Dec. 5, will feature Mick Jagger, that’s certainly the buzz she’s creating.

But when Fashionologie reached out to her for comment on the issue, which is also said to include a piece on autism, Singer kept her lips shut.

“I don’t really feel comfortable discussing the holiday issue because it’s still being put together and all sorts of things could happen,” she wrote in an email.

It could just be misdirection, or it could be that the issue isn’t ready for its close up yet., but we just don’t buy that the holiday issue of a fashion-focused magazine wouldn’t feature a high style cover to take full advantage of all the advertising money most labels drop during the season. Still, no matter what she ends up doing, Singer’s building a lot of buzz for her first issue — and maybe that’s all she wants right now.

[Via Fashionologie]

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