Sandra Lee Tells Vogue Why She Always Wears White

We have this sort of morbid fascination with Sandra Lee, the Food Network personality who is also girlfriend-in-chief of the state of New York. Lee, who’s dating New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, got famous for coming up with crazy offensive recipes for things like Kwanzaa Cake, decorating all of her dinner parties to within an inch of their lives and wearing lots and lots of white clothing.

Really. White sweater, white skirts, white boots, white dresses by Carolina Herrera. All white everything. All the time. Gully Wells wrote a story about Lee for Vogue and found out that she really just likes white because it looks nice.

Lee swings her toasty steering wheel to the right, and we park in the driveway of a white Colonial-style clapboard house, surrounded by trees, facing a bucolic pond full of squawking geese and ducks. “Hope you don’t mind taking your shoes off,” Lee says, opening the front door and handing me a pair of fluffy slippers. As soon as I walk into the living room, I understand why. A creamy carpet covers the entire floor, a family of decorative polar bears frolics on the sideboard in artificial snow, an enormous silver tiger reclines on a mother-of-pearl coffee table, and in the fireplace are—what else?—white birch logs that are clearly never going to see a match. “Yes, I love white, and I’d wear it all the time if I could. Some people think I have an issue with cleanliness, but to me it’s just so pretty.” And looking around this fairy-tale froth of spun sugar, I have to wonder if this isn’t also the antithesis of all the miserable places she lived in with her mother. Cinderella got to live her dream. Why shouldn’t Sandra Lee?

Why shouldn’t she? Kwanzaa cake.

We kid, of course. Read the rest of her Vogue profile, titled (and what else?) “Sandra Lee: The Woman in White,” here.

Sandra Lee: The Woman in White [Vogue]

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