Sarah Burton Says She Still Isn’t Allowed To Talk About Kate’s Wedding Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker chatted with Sarah Burton for the April issue of Interview, and we learned quite a few things about the Alexander McQueen designer.

Did you know her husband David shoots the McQueen look book? It’s true! Burton also told Parker she “wasn’t the trendiest girl at college”, and that she considers herself “really lucky in many ways”. The designer had an incredibly busy 2011, so SJP asked about her biggest moments of last year: the McQueen exhibit at the Met and designing Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress.

Here is what she said about putting together “Savage Beauty”:

BURTON: It was so raw in everybody’s minds. When we looked at the pieces, there was such sorrow. But it was also an amazing celebration of what Lee had done. It was really hard to pick the pieces that told the story of Lee because there were so many incredible ones.

PARKER: With limited space, you can’t put everything in. Were there any disagreements about which pieces to include?

BURTON: There was real agreement. Andrew [Bolton] did a selection from the archive, and then we would say, “Well, which piece was really important to Lee?” and maybe I said, “oh, Lee didn’t really like that piece.” Andrew did an amazing selection, and each of the rooms took you into another world. I mean, nobody knows what Lee wanted because Lee was so much his own person, but you sort of knew what he loved and what he did feel strongly for. I think that the rooms told a story but each of the garments had their own story and their own character and you could remember how they were made. Sometimes looking at them again, you couldn’t believe the pieces, and it was, like, “Oh my god, that’s amazing.” The number of people from different walks of life that I’ve talked to who went to see and who were really inspired by it. It was phenomenal.

As for Duchess Catherine’s magnificent gown?

BURTON: Um, I mean…I’m not actually allowed to talk much about it at all. It was a precious, magical time that I’ll always treasure, and I feel like she gave me a gift in many ways. I feel incredibly privileged.


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