Watch Sarah Silverman and Jesus Discuss Reproductive Rights

A few nights ago, Sarah Silverman was visited by Jesus Christ because he was bummed out, and needed cheering up since so many people use his name for intolerance and oppression. After a requisite NCIS marathon, Silverman and Jesus got heavy, even discussing when life begins. Hint: It’s not at 40. Also, Jesus appears to be very much pro-choice.

“Fertilized eggs aren’t people, people are people, but people that believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You’re not better than them,” Jesus told Silverman.

Soon after, Silverman spoke frankly about the state of our country and of how dictating legislation with religion is unAmerican. She highlighed the fact that in certain states, the number of abortion clinics is dwindling fast and points out that once women pin down a doctor, they are still forced to endure a violating vaginal probe and look at an ultrasound of the fetus. The funny thing about that is, according to doctors, sperm too is “living,” and that can only mean one thing: We’ve got to, as Silverman puts it, “Legislate that shit.” And she comes up with an appropriate, albeit painful, method of how to go about doing just that.

Watch the video below, learn more about Silverman’s “V To Shining V,” initiative at, and get in line for a wine and popcorn date with Jesus.

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