Saturday at 7:37 p.m. Is the Most Popular Time for Sex

Sex o' clock.

Sex o' clock.

Sex O clockSure, monogamy can be wonderful and fulfilling, but a new survey by the “sexual happiness people” at proves that it can also be a tad boring. It’s not terribly shocking that 44 percent of couples voted Saturday as the most popular day for sex. This makes sense because on Friday you’re still tired from work and on Sunday you are irritated that you have to back to work the following day.

For modern couples, spontaneity seems to be a thing of the past. According to their findings, people are most aroused at 4:33 p.m. on Saturday, but they don’t actually get around having sex until three hours later. Yes, for whatever reason, Saturday at 7:37 p.m. is the most popular time to get down and dirty.

As someone who has been with the same person for 6 years, I can imagine how this plays out for couples around the world. You spend your day off binge watching some sexy show like Scandal all afternoon, and for one fleeting moment you consider having sex. Then you remember you have to shower and wash your hair. Ughh, so annoying! Your partner is okay with waiting because it’s the fourth quarter of whatever “important” football game is on. You agree to do it after dinner, which will probably end around 7:30 p.m. thanks to your new affinity for eating dinner like senior citizens. Am I painting a bleak picture here? That’s not my intention.

That brings us to topic of scheduling sex. This is a serious strategy utilized by a lot of couples, not just the 40+ crowd.

“Scheduling sex can seem like the least romantic activity in the world,” said Richard Longhurst, co-founder of Lovehoney to the Daily Mail, “but we have found that regular physical intimacy is the key to overall relationship happiness.”

Amen to that! A friend once made fun of me for scheduling sex, but when you are busy you need to make sure you’re actually doing it. Intercourse is the only thing that keeps you out of roommate territory. And it’s not like I have my iPhone calendar filled with sex dates (is there an app for that?), but you have to make the effort. I’m not alone here. Sixty-two percent of the couples surveyed have “date nights.” Out of those who schedule these romantic trysts, 88 percent have sex. Those are pretty good odds.

My favorite part of the survey is the fact that only 22 percent of those surveyed drank booze before their lovemaking session. Judge me if you will, but when I was in college my sex life was firmly entwined with my shot intake. Sober sex is definitely one benefit of coupledom.

‘Sex o’clock will be different for lots of people,” Richard said, “but all our research shows that couples who have great sex lives also have great relationships.”

What I really want to know is if these surveyed couples are using anything of the amazing products being sold at They actually have an official Fifty Shades of Grey collection approved by the E.L. James. The kinky line is divided into two sections: sex toys and bondage (obviously). Floggers for everyone! Probably, the best thing I’ve seen all day.

[Daily Mail]

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