Body Language is Everything, or How Rooney Mara Let Her Dress Down

Someone, for the love of Alexander Wang, teach that girl how to stand!

In the course of this somewhat rant-y blog post, we shall prove to you why Rooney Mara‘s poor posture is preventing her from definitively beating Scarlett Johansson as the best-dressed person period at the Rome Film Festival premiere of Spike Jonze‘s Her.

Given: Rooney Mara in Balenciaga Spring 2014 and Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana, same season. Rooney arguably has the better look — it’s definitely the more fashion-forward choice — but she’s not exactly wearing it with the confidence it deserves, which is a bummer of huge proportions. The stark white is beautiful with her coloring, and anyone with a cape attached to her dress should be zooming around pretending to be a superhero. Instead, she’s hunched over with a dour expression on her extremely well-made-up face.

The difference is even more glaringly clear when you compare the two photos in which both ladies have their hands clasped in front of them: With her swingy cheerleader pony and short flip-y dress, ScarJo knows she looks good, and that translates to pushed-back shoulders and a pushed-out chest.

Moral of the story: A very pretty girl in a very pretty dress can look better than another very pretty girl in an even prettier dress because the second girl doesn’t know how to fake self-assurance. In other words: Act, Rooney Mara, act!


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