Exclusive First Look At The Fashion Film Of The Summer

“Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” isn’t just the siren song of a shopper who knows her stuff, it’s also the title of a forthcoming documentary — in theaters in New York tomorrow — that stars the historical store, and pretty much everyone who’s anyone in fashion.

The purveyor of those light purple bags isn’t just a place to shop. We’d argue it’s the outlet that invented window shopping, with fanciful displays that capture the imaginations of tourists tromping Fifth Avenue as well as the lucky shoppers who can actually afford to enter those double doors. But it wasn’t always so, the film examines Bergdorf Goodman’s 111-year evolution from a modest tailor shop to the brand-name behemoth it is today. The list of personalities who give commentary in the documentary reads like our dream fashion week schedule, including the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Georgina Chapman, and Christian Louboutin. We’ll also hear from industry heavyweights like BG’s own Linda Fargo, Betty Halbreich, and David Hoey, the man whose window stylings launched a thousand copy cats.

Lest you think the latest in a year seemingly chock full of fashion films is nothing but an ad for the retailer, director Matthew Miele told The New York Times, “I held firm on a number of other things that made [Bergdorf's Management] a little embarrassed.” Examples included commentary from Joan Rivers, who, while a loyal customer of the store, surely had some major sass to deliver.

If you, like us, absolutely can’t wait to peek at the inner workings and untold stories of Bergdorf Goodman, you’re in luck. We’ve got our hands on an exclusive preview, in which the Rag & Bone boys talk about the opportunities they’ve been afforded thanks to the store, and they get pretty candid when it comes to their ambivalence about success, and the fickle fashion business. If the teaser isn’t enough to get you lining up in New York City tomorrow, then check out the gallery below for even more famous fashion faces that make appearances in the film.

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