SCHIELD’s Fall 2015 Campaign Sells Basketball Shorts and Bulimia


What’s a little forced puke between siblings?

In the new SCHIELD Fall/Winter 2014/2015 campaign called “Disorder Sisters,” one sister violates her sister’s face in a number of ways. One picture shows one model with her mouth open, and her sister’s two fingers ready for insertion. No need to hula hoop while you indulge in an egg white — you can eat whatever when your big sis is there to help you upchuck it in a desert. Both of them are ahead of your judgmental reaction, giving some brow-furrowed confrontational stares.

It’s a very convincing ad for bulimia, as well as for socks and sandals, leather blazers, gold statement jewelry, and the summer goth look.

Does a sink trip factor in before they hold hands? We wonder. Really though, this isn’t the way to get positive attention.

UPDATE: We received an e-mail this morning (7/3/14) stating the following:

“Schield has never intended to speak, in his images, about a such a serious problem; but we chose to delete the misunderstood image to demonstrate our earnest toward such an important and sad theme. we are sorry for the misunderstood.”


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