Science Says: No One Is Here for Happy Couples on Facebook

studyshowsfacebookcouple We all know those people who log on to Facebook just to gush, “HOW SWEET IS MY MAN, CHAD?! He just sent me the loveliest carnations to the office :)))))))” in a status update. How… precious. While we just figured we were the only ones eye-rolling to the high heavens and back, according to a new study by Science Of Relationships, no one is here for these kinds of relationship “updates,” or the people making them.

In a recent study by Dr. Benjamin Le, couples who have profile photos together (25%), and are labeled as “in a relationship” on Facebook (70%), are not only happier and more committed than those who aren’t, they’re viewed as such by their digital peers. The rub? The happier the couple acts, and the more they disclose (“Pining away for Jordan… I just love you so much I can’t stand it!”), the more their friends despise them.

Researchers created fake Facebook accounts and then asked 100 participants to assess how happy the people were in the displayed relationship, as well as how much they liked the lovers overall, based on their status updates. The posts ranged from high relationship disclosure (“Ugh, can’t get enough of this man!”) to low relationship disclosure (“I love my girlfriend <3”) to finally no relationship disclosure (“phoneless for a bit, email me!”).

According to the study results: “When it comes to status updates, we found that higher levels of relationship disclosure were positively associated with perceptions of satisfaction and commitment. However, when it comes to relationship disclosure on Facebook, there can be too much of a good thing. Those disclosing a lot about their relationships were the least liked.”

Basically, if you’re sending <3 ____<3 to your boo in front of all your digi-mates, while they are more inclined to think your relationship is solid, they’re also probably more likely to hate your guts. I mean, at least your significant other likes you? ~*Silver Lining*~

[Swagger New York]

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