Marc Jacobs And Scott Campbell Have Matching ‘Bros Before Hos’ Tattoos

Scott Campbell is probably the least likely fashion it boy, but thanks to putting a few well-placed, well-publicized (and artistically good) tattoos on some of the art and fashion world’s biggest stars, he’s broken out of the mold far enough to merit a profile in WWD.

Campbell, a Brooklyn-based artist, talked to the paper about getting his start in what he calls a “working-class trade,” how he came to hang out with some of the art and fashion world’s stars, and the matching tattoo he shares with designer Marc Jacobs. (Hint: It’s not SpongeBob, that’s for sure.) Below, our favorite parts of the interview, including Campbell’s relationship outlook and what he thinks about renowned tattoo artist Ed Hardy.

On working with Jacobs:

Campbell estimates that he’s tattooed Jacobs at least 30 times … Now they’re boys. They have matching “Bros Before Hos” tattoos.

“He could call me up and say he was thinking of opening up a car wash and I would be like, ‘Cool, let’s wash cars!’ ” Jacobs could also call up and say, “Would you be interested in doing something with Louis Vuitton?” — like he did last year when he offered Campbell a men’s wear collaboration (tattoo-print bags and scarves, available now).

On relationships:

“I’m a sucker for the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing,” he says. “I’m the first one to be like, ‘F—it. Do it.’ Like, who cares about next week. If you love them right now, love them right now as hard as you can.” His own body bears the scars of relationships past. “I wanna say I’ve gotten, like, five girls’ names on me,” he says. Instead of getting creative with corrections, he’s taken to just crossing a name out with a line.

On tattooing legend Ed Hardy:

“Ed Hardy holds the pink slip to modern tattooing.”says Campbell. “If anyone, he has the right to sell it. I don’t know why he did it, but he signed his name at the bottom of that contract with Christian Audigier and it ruined everything. That’s his legacy now, those f—ing sequin trucker hats.”

Poor Ed Hardy. Let’s hope Campbell doesn’t sell out, too. Read the rest of his interview here.

Boys’ Night Out With Scott Campbell [WWD]

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