Dolce & Gabbana Are Back In Scott Schuman’s Good Graces

If it feels like it was just the other day you were reading about Scott Schuman‘s distaste for print media and Dolce & Gabbana‘s blog-courting press stunts, that’s probably because it was! In the meantime, however, it seems he’s changed his tune – or at least mellowed out a bit in preparation for his interview with none other than Swide, Dolce & Gabbana’s in-house blog.

Schuman (a.k.a. The Sartorialist) was interviewed alongside street-style photographer girlfriend Garance Doré, “two pioneers of the blogging era,” and eschewed his usual controversial responses in favor of more benign fare, which might not raise any eyebrows were it not for the fact that many of his answers seem to contradict those he gave to GQ just this month. When asked “what is it that blogs have that magazines don’t?” Schuman responded:

“To me, it’s just different. It’s apples and oranges. Actually, both together make a wonderful fruit salad.”

Per GQ, however?

“It shocks me when young kids still say, ‘I want to do a magazine,’ ” he says. “Really? Do you want to do a magazine because you want to be an editor—what you think that life is, that romance—or do you want to communicate? Because if you want to communicate, why the fuck would you put all those obstacles in your path and have to print pages, as opposed to going right on the Internet and actually communicating?”

And as for Dolce & Gabbana themselves, Schuman sings their praises in the Swide clip, despite his earlier assessment that the brand made a spectacle of bloggers at their Spring 2010 show:

“They got a humongous amount of press. ‘Look, we brought the bloggers in and gave them the front row. Look at the dancing-monkey bloggers!’ I could barely bring myself to sit down. Like, ugh, I don’t want everyone looking at us. Like, ‘Oh, look at the cute bloggers! Isn’t that cute! Are they playing Angry Birds?’ When you’ve got Ron Frasch behind you going, ‘I spent two fucking million dollars on D&G’s last collection, and I’m sitting here? For these little schmucks?’”

Check out the interview for yourself below:

[Swide via Racked]

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