Scott Schuman And Garance Doré On Fashion Show Lurkers

As far as street style photographers go, Scott Schuman and Garance Doré are at the top. But don’t take our word for it — the two bloggers are being honored at the CFDA Awards (which will be broadcast in its entirety!) in June.

In a joint interview with, the real-life couple talk about a variety of things, like their different photography styles, their award, and the new generation of street style bloggers. The whole interview is quite civil — Schuman doesn’t say too many jerky things and Doré is quite eloquent.

The most interesting bit from the interview is when Schuman and Doré talk about people who hang around fashion shows just waiting to be shot for street style blogs:

SS: Those people are unfortunately very obvious and really lend no mystique to me. How do I say this in a nice way? There’s a lot of stylish Russian young ladies going and hanging out around at shows now that you aren’t going to see on my blog. It doesn’t draw my interest when they want it too much. [Once] Garance was going to shoot one of these Russian young ladies and liked her outfit on a particular day and asked, what’s in your bag? And she goes, ‘Oh, nothing.’ And of course it was some designer bag — a really expensive bag and it’s totally empty. To me, even though you can’t tell it’s empty in the picture I would know.

GD: It’s one of the first reasons why I turned to video. I needed another way because this is becoming such a system and systems just scare me. I’m not inspired by the outside of shows. I love a lot of the people that are around fashion week. But the trend right now is to really be overdressed and that’s never what I wanted to talk about on my blog. Sometimes I will do it because an overdressed person can have a little thing that is inspiring that you can do in everyday life. But if it’s just a collection of trends and brands it’s totally anti the spirit of the blog. I really want something that I feel, ‘Oh my God, I can do that!’

It’s like they read our minds!


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