WATCH: Scott Schuman’s Kia Ad Filmed Days After Hurricane Sandy

We usually spot Scott Schuman pedaling around town on his bike or romaing the streets of Soho on foot, but apparently the man also knows his cars — or at least knows how to sell them.

Kia has tapped the Sartorialist photographer to star in their latest commercial, for the K7 sedan. In the spot, Schuman looks for “Mr. 7″, pulling out his camera and snapping stylish men and women posed against the vehicle. Though the ads are straightforward as far as Kia’s fashion-y commercials go, the photographer reveals on his blog that the day they were shot was far from your average Saturday in New York:

Recently KIA launched a commercial for their K7 car staring yours truly. Without any lines the “acting” was reasonably easy, but all I see when I look at the commercial is that we filmed it in Soho the day the electricity finally came back after Hurricane Sandy.

Watch the two 30-second spots below:

[The Sartotialist]

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