Scott Schuman On Bill’s Photos: ‘I Don’t Think They’re Bad, Really’

Scott Schuman, like so many smart-mouthed reality show contestants before him, did not come here to make friends. Or at least that’s certainly how he comes off in most of his interviews.

The latest appears in today’s issue of WWD, and in it The Sartorialist photographer takes issue with the one person in the fashion industry we’ve never heard anyone dare speak ill of: Bill Cunningham.

He opens with “You know, I hate to say it, I’m sure everyone thinks he’s a lovable guy, and I’m sure he is,” which is a pretty sure indication that he has some less-than-glowing remarks for the 83-year-old industry stalwart, largely credited as the inventor of the street style genre. And sure enough:

“The only influence he’s had on me is that I want to be doing that when I’m 80. That’s the only thing. I want to be on the bike, I want to be doing that at 80…His photographs, I think they’re nice, they’re just a totally different style from me. I don’t think they’re bad, really just a different style. He’s really reportage, shoot, snap, he’s just going, going, going.”

If the fashion world were Mean Girls, this would be the would the part where Cunningham would be all “Who does he think he is? I like invented him, you know what I mean?” But Regina George he is not, and if not even Hurricane Sandy can get him to blink an eye, we’re pretty sure Schuman’s comments won’t either.


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