Scott Schuman Slams Tavi Gevinson, Brags About His Blog

Today Scott Schuman gave an interview that blew our minds in a really horrible way, and proved that the man behind The Sartorialist is cripplingly out of touch.

The interview on The Talks starts off with an obnoxiously leading question: “Mr. Schuman, nowadays teenage bloggers like Tavi Gavinson are getting flown around the world to sit on the front rows of fashion shows in order to write about them. Isn’t that getting a little absurd?” Schuman’s answer is even worse:

“Well I don’t think her audience is that big. I think her success is a little bit of a conspiracy by established print media that wanted to show that this blog thing is not that important, that it’s done by a bunch of twelve year olds. But a lot of us are serious grown-ups. I think it’s great that Tavi can create a blog and write for other people that are like-minded – probably other kids around her age – but I don’t know how that is going to help a 26-year old, if she has never had a boyfriend or any of that kind of stuff. She’s just a kid, so she can talk about art and stuff only in an abstract way.”

It’s almost laughable how very, very wrong Schuman and his interviewer are. Discounting Gevinson because she’s a teenager? Gross. Discounting her because she “has never had a boyfriend or any of that kind of stuff”? Disgusting. The 15-year-old has proven time and again that she is every bit as smart as “serious grown-ups”. In fact, she works with a whole slew of them over at Rookie! Ira Glass? Miranda July? Game recognize game and all that. It’s awful to call anyone “just a kid”, especially one who has proven herself to be as talented and savvy as Gevinson.

Furthermore, it’s painfully obvious Schuman has barely ever glanced at Style Rookie (and certainly never Rookie). He doesn’t get what she does! In fact, we’d go so far as to say the man does not understand the internet as a content medium. He admits that he lives in a vacuum, and doesn’t read any other fashion blogs except for that of his girlfriend Garance Dore. He even goes on to call her blog a “game-changer”. Here’s the thing: we really like Dore’s work! We do! But game-changing it is not. At all.

Then he talks about the money. Oh, the money!

“American Apparel bought advertising for the whole year and then I just got an email yesterday that is going to buy advertisements for the rest of the year as well. So those two ads alone are a good fraction of a million dollars: more than a quarter million and less than a half a million…My audience is so much larger than everybody else’s that advertisers, well at least American Apparel told me that I am not in their internet budget. My order is so big and they have to pay so much that I am actually in their magazine budget. That comes from having a good size audience.”

Just let that sink in for a minute. Oh, and Tavi? She’ll probably just brush this whole thing off. You. Go. Girl.

[The Talks]

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