Fashion’s Latest Reality Series Is About Model Scouts

Model scouts are really hot these days! Nightline aired a special featuring model scouts just last month, and E! is producing an eight-episode “docu-series” set to premiere at the end of November.

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The series is called Scouted, and it focuses on model agency One Management. (One Management reps Iman, Claudia Schiffer, and Bar Refaeli, among many others.) We’re a bit confused since the press release we received makes it sound somewhere between a true docu-series and a competition-based reality show like America’s Next Top Model.

The show follows model scouts in San Francisco, Houston, Richmond, and Salt Lake City as they search for local talent. The scouts train the aspiring models a bit, and then try to get their girls (and boys) meetings at One Management. Okay, this is what actually happens in real life. Docu-series! But then there’s this:

If the model is seen to have potential, she and her scout travel to New York City to meet with the “Scouted” industry experts, some of the most powerful players in the international modeling world, who do a professional evaluation before each girl meets with the decision makers at One Management. With over 25 years of model agency experience, industry expert Michael Flutie, serves as Creative Director. Legendary model Beri Smither is the Model Mentor, trendsetter and fashion expert Dani Stahl serves as the Image and Style Consultant, and top industry casting director Julia Samersova is the Director of Scouting.

Together, this esteemed team will execute an intense process of “testing” their potential million-dollar faces before sending them off to their meeting with One. After each girl’s consultation, One Management then reviews all elements of the would-be talent, including professionalism, physical features, high-fashion polish, spokesperson potential and uniqueness, before ultimately determining if a girl will have a fashion career or not.

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We think the show would be more compelling if there wasn’t a competition aspect, but the contestants include a “stunning young taxidermist”, which rules. We reached out to One Management president Scott Lipps to see what lured him into the reality TV biz. This is what he had to say:

“I’ve always believed in reaching the masses eventually, and I’m very excited to be apart of the E! family. It has a huge reach, and I think ultimately people want to know what the real stories are behind the business side of things. I think the show will be great for our American scouting, and it will explain the process to the public. The September Issue was great as it showed the inside of Vogue to everyone — I hope that we can shed some realistic light on our business here.”

Does this interest you? The show premieres Nov. 28 at 10PM on E!

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