Sea of Shoes Goes on a Chock-Full-of-Chanel Texas Road Trip

Some people have all the luck. While we have-lesses bask in the relatively springlike 40-degree weather, the have-ties-to-designer-labels scoot around Texas eating Lone Star State-shaped waffles, visiting haunted hotels, and wearing almost-HTT Chanel Spring 2014 to pick up some low-cal fudge bars at Walmart.

Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge is leading the life a million girls would gouge one another’s eyes out for, and damn — she’s going to let you know it. For three days now, she and a caravan of boucle and baubles have been traveling around her home state on “a wild west roadtrip to show you another side of Texas.” The photo project appears on her Instagram and in full size on her blog.

Below, take a look at some snaps from the charmed life of Miss Jane Aldridge, and try not to let too many tears fall on your trackpad. Repairs for that stuff don’t come cheap, you know.

[Sea of Shoes]

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