The September Issues: A Cover Rundown

When we saw WWD‘s rundown of some of the most important of the September covers, butterflies went a-flapping in our stomachs. Getting those textbook sized issues is one of the greatest joys on the fashion calendar. And despite the issues getting thinner and the industry getting shakier, there’s still nothing quite like leaving your local magazine store with a ten pound bag of glossies. It’s like the first day of school.

It appears that half of our favorite magazines decided to go with some hot young things, thus appealing to a younger audience, while the other half stuck to more seasoned celebrities over the age of 10. We’re curious to see who fares better.

Here is the run down — the who’s who — of September covers.

Harper’s Bazaar: Jennifer Aniston
We love America’s Sweetheart just as much as the next person, but as a September cover girl? Yawn. Let’s hope that Glenda Bailey at least forced her fashion team to spice things up a little.

Elle: Julia Roberts
Another safe choice, given the Eat Pray Love media frenzy will be at its height when the September Issue goes to print. Julia seems a little off-beat for Elle, which has been skewing increasingly younger for covers, but we can’t wait to see what Joe Zee does with her.

InStyle: Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank as InStyle’s cover girl? Our feelings are best summed up with one big question mark. While Swank’s acting abilities are undeniable, her abilities to sell magazines, well, not so much. WWD reminds us that her Marie Claire November cover was the magazine’s worst-selling issue of the entire year.

Teen Vogue: Justin Bieber
Confession: We have Bieber fever. Going with a boy for a September cover is nothing short of a risk — unless that boy is Justin Bieber. And unless that cover is for a teen magazine. We have the feeling we’ll get some great hair tips from this issue.

Vanity Fair: Lady Gaga
A Gaga September cover = a dream come true for Vanity Fair sales. While WWD points out the cover may baffle some of the older readers, we have a feeling it won’t deter anyone from running to the newsstands to get an issue. It looks like Graydon Carter, like the rest of the world, knows that everything Gaga touches turns to gold. And we can’t wait to see what Gaga has to say about fall fashion.

T: The New York Times Style Magazine: Freida Pinto
All eyes will be on T Magazine and W, both of which had complete masthead makeovers in the past few months. We adore Freida Pinto and find her style choices brilliant, but wonder if she’s not too much of an obscure choice for a September cover, especially one which will be under such scrutiny. We do, however, applaud the risk, and have full faith that Pinto’s editorial will be nothing short of stunning.

W: A young Hollywood group cover including Emma Roberts, Zoë Kravitz and Jennifer Lawrence.
The September issue of W will mark new editor in chief Stefano Tonchi’s first cover to cover issue. And while at one point, rumors suggested Lindsay Lohan, the cover of W will instead feature a number of young Hollywood starlets — both known and unknown. This certainly speaks to the entertainment angle Tonchi was hoping to add to the mag, but will it bolster sales?

Vogue: Halle Berry
Halle Berry may not have a blockbuster hit like Eat Pray Love hitting theaters, or the appeal of Lady Gaga, but she does have a breakup with a hot male model and a fragrance to talk about. Oh, and she’s gorgeous.

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