Seth Meyers Wore Marc Jacobs’s Lace Met Gala Dress At The CFDAs

Last night’s CFDA Awards will be broadcast today on, but we would like to share some snippets from host Seth Meyers‘s hilarious opening speech right now.

The SNL star roasted fashion’s biggest names, including Marc Jacobs. Meyers even donned the lace Comme Des Garçons dress Jacobs wore to the Met Gala. This is what he had to say about it, as per The Cut:

“Speaking of a fun look, let’s give it up for the look of the year: Marc Jacobs’s Met Gala outfit! Can we take a look at that for a second? Yes! That is a long way to go to prove you’re wearing a clean pair of underwear! Must be so nice heading to the Met having no fear that someone is wearing the same outfit as you. Hey guys, who wore it better: Marc Jacobs, or the window at an Italian funeral home? You know what’s fun — picturing Marc Jacobs wearing that outfit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on any other day. Would they even let him in? ‘Sorry sir, but this is a museum. I understand that you bought a ticket, but there are like, field trips going on. I don’t care how many stores you own on Bleecker; you can’t come in.’ True story: I live on Bleecker and 11th, above what used to be the Biography Bookstore, and it was so convenient when we were heading off for a trip and needed to buy a book at the last minute. Now Biography is Marc Jacobs’s bookstore, Bookmarc, which is so convenient when I’m heading off for a trip and need to buy a last-minute, 50 pound coffee table book with pictures of lifeguards from the sixties.”

He also poked fun at the whole John Galliano controversy, which received “nervous laughter and some stony glares”:

“As a comedian, I have to say that this gig is a dream come true, because you know what they say about the world of high fashion: It’s just a bunch of easygoing, laid-back people who love to laugh at themselves. You could even say that fashion and comedy go together like Bar Mitzvahs and Galliano. No one in this room got where they were without taking a risk. I just took one, and I think we can all agree I shouldn’t have. That joke went so badly I’m going to get fired from Dior.”

If you can’t wait another hour or so to watch the broadcast, read the rest of Meyer’s speech here.

[via The Cut]

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