YSL Reissues Opium, We Smell 70s Revival

Our sense of smell is a powerful one. Just a waft of a specific scent–be it your mother’s musk or an evocative eau de toilette–can instantly trigger memories and totally transport you to a different time. Well, with YSL set to reissue Opium that odorous, drugged out ode to the gold-enrusted 1970’s, we couldn’t help but find ourselves taken on a bit of a trip. Wayback Wednesday, anyone? More, it seems we weren’t alone in our DeLorean. Between the return of a Jagger to the catwalk and the pant-suit heavy fall collections, might the decade of disco be having another moment? We can only cross our fingers–for hopes of a Talking Heads reunion tour alone. Here are a few signs you might want to dust the cobwebs off your Hustle.

Gap Toothed Models: Lauren Hutton’s grin–in all of its desperately seeking ortho-dentist glory was undoubtedly a defining feature of the 1970s. But, leave it to Dutch model Lara Stone to give her signature smirk pas a new found sensuality and glamour. Now with Stone fronting a major campaign for Calvin Klein, along with fellow natural whistlers Vanessa Paradis and Georgia Jagger putting in time for Chanel, we can officially endorse this one as a trend. Break out the spacers girls.

Pantsuits: As loathe as we are to admit it, when Balmain does pantsuits, you’ve just got to accept that they are going to be huge this fall. And by pantsuits we mean completely inappropriate for the office, utterly covetable, brocade printed pieces that look like something that would have passed under the velvet rope at Studio 54. Think Jerry Hall gone corporate.

Chunky Platforms: If you’ve ever attempted to do the Hustle in a pair of stilettos you know that towering platforms were as fashionable as they were a disco bred necessity. So while we can’t exactly explain their return (since line dancing has long since been relegated to barns in Texas) with options like Miu Miu‘s swallow tail printed Mary Janes, do we really need to?

Man Heels: Hold onto your heels ladies, as it seems lately the meel–that super questionable 70’s era shoe is staging a cautious return to the men’s department. And we’re not just talking about those draggy, glam rock numbers Gene Simmons was know to sport on stage. Whether a discreetish Cuban heel a la Karl Lagerfeld or something feverishly Travolta–looks like gender bending is no longer for the ladies only.

Upholstery Prints: There’s a reason why the 70s is commonly known as one of the fugliest decades ever: Prints. Overly floral, textured, looked like they just got ripped from the rod prints. And well, from the upholstered numbers that took the runway at Marc Jacobs recent resort outing for Louis Vuitton, designers seem bent on taking another go at curtain couture. Cue Julie Andrews.

Carine Roitfeld Said So: In the fashion world what French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld wants, she gets. And if her recent 18-spread editorial in the glossy’s July issue is any guide, Carine wants the 1970s. Styling Freja Beha Erichsen and Lara Stone in mustard hues, turtlenecks and tailored pieces from the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Dior, love it or hate it, there’s no arguing with her.

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