From Computers To Cocktails, SATC2 Gets Totally Commercial

The girls are at it again. And by girls, we mean Carrie Bradshaw and company. Of course, they’re not really girls anymore — they’re closer to middle-aged women — but all that really matters is that they’re set to make their, um, triumphant return when Sex and the City 2 hits the big screen in a few weeks. Yippie, right? Well, pass that Cosmo — made with official Skky Vodka, of course — because from the looks of things what the sequel lacks in plot, it certainly makes up for in why don’t you hit me over the head with it already! product placement.

No surprises here. With the recession ringing in our ears, we women of The Aughts are a tough demographic to nail down, especially for luxury brands. And did you really care about what a little thing like dialogue when there’s Halston, Dior, Chanel and YSL vying for face time?

Nonetheless, we couldn’t help but wonder (in true Carrie fashion), “Is nothing sacred anymore?” Just when we were coming to terms with the fact that Carrie had traded her signature Manolo Blahniks for Louboutins, it seems she’s gone and converted to a (gasp) P.C. — a Vivienne Tam bejeweled “Butterfly Lovers” HP digital clutch, to be precise. Well, as they say, once a cheater always a cheater — but we thought her Mac was as central to her character’s DNA as that gold nameplate necklace.

“As a trend-setting phenomenon, ‘Sex and the City 2′ is a natural extension to celebrate fashion and our stylish spring 2010 collection of computers with people worldwide,” explains Tracey Trachta, executive director of HP’s Global Marketing. Natural extension? I think we’re all adults here and realize there’s nothing natural about big business endoresements. But why fight it, we all knew it was just going to be one giant glossy big-screen commercial anyways, so with that we say roll the credits — here’s everything we’ve counted so far.

(Because, really, what’s more Sex and the City than a montage?)

Moet and Chandon: In addition to Möet popping up throughout the movie — what would SATC be without the requisite clinking of glasses? — the LVMH brand will sponsor screenings of “Sex and the City 2” in 10 to 12 cities around the country.

Houlihan’s Restaurant: Beginning April 9, Houlihan’s Restaurants — think T.G.I Fridays with shamrocks — will begin featuring special Skky Vodka sponsored Sex and the City cocktails themed around each of movie characters’ personalities. Because what goes better with a plate of “Disco Fries” than a cup of “Samantha?”

Skyy Vodka: We were kind of expecting pink, but costumer Pat Fields says she’s over it. Instead she opted to bedeck her official limited edition SATC2 Skyy Vodka bottle with the N.Y.C skyline, an Eiffel Tower, and some sparkling stars. Drink up ladies, you’re probably going to need a few cocktails to wash down this flick.

Swarovski: Where did you think the turned out four-some got all their on screen sparkle? From the crystal-encrusted chandelier in Carrie’s closet (naturally) to some seriously studded bags, nothing helps make up for a lack of plot like a blinding bauble. Recession, what recession?

Lipton Tea: We’re not sure what the ladies will be doing with Lipton Tea (seems a little low-brow, no?) but guess they needed something to quench their thirst during their camel rides through Abu Dhabi. And apparently for Carrie and co., Lipton bags are as good as any.

Christian Louboutin: The only thing better than the possibility of a super G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S shoe montage would be if Mr. Louboutin made a tap-dancing cameo. A girl can dream, right?

HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition: As part of their bid to become the “most fashion forward” computer on the market, HP has tapped Sarah Jessica Parker to sell, sell, sell. The last time we were this disappointed in Carrie was when she cheated on Aiden.

Halston: If you think that stunning white Halston Heritage frock SJP sports in the SATC2 movie posters was just some sartorial coincidence, think again. In fact, it’s been confirmed that the stylish star has has an equity stake in the company and has recently taken in the efforts to breathe new life into the archival brand.

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