Shape Changes Its Mind About The Blogger Who Refused to Cover Up Her Loose Skin

brooke birminghamEarlier this week we told you about Brooke Birmingham, the blogger who stood up to Shape and wrote about why she refused to put on a shirt for the magazine. Well now, after public outrage, Brooke is getting a new chance to be in the magazine—an opportunity that won’t make her feel bad about her body.

Brooke is the creator of popular blog Brooke: Not on a Diet and has lost 170 pounds over that last few years. For this reason, she was originally invited by a writer for Shape to be featured in a story about weight-loss successes. However, despite the publication’s obsession with bikini shots, Shape didn’t want to show Brooke in one. Because of her stomach.

She was asked by Shape to send in a photo for the piece, and she happily submitted a picture of herself in a in bikini. She was asked, however, for an alternate, clothed picture because of what they cited as the magazine’s “editorial policy.” Though it was said all the women in the story were going to be wearing clothes, Brooke suspected the request for a new photo had more to do with the loose skin around her abdomen—skin that is a common, natural effect of losing a lot of weight.

For this reason, Brooke refused to comply and wrote a thoughtful piece explaining why. That story went viral, and many criticized Shape for how it handled the situation. But now the magazine is changing its tune. Brooke and an editor from Shape appeared together on The Today Show and announced that Brooke will be featured in a new story, one that discusses the affects losing weight can have on a person’s body.

They hope to open up a “larger discussion” about the realities of weight loss, and people are already congratulating them on the decision.

Really, though, we need to be giving props to Brooke, for sticking to her guns, refusing to cover her body for someone else, and for instigating a public discussion about an issue that affects many women.

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