Shocker: American Apparel’s ‘Back To School’ Campaign Is Super Creepy


Well, well, well, if it isn’t ANOTHER super sexist, creepy advertising campaign from the pervos over at American Apparel! This time the brand finds itself in hot water after launching ads for its ‘Back to School’ range of miniskirts which feature what look like underage girls bending over cars, etc.

The U.S.-based retailer is no stranger to objectifying women to sell its clothing, but its latest stunt is extra creepy: It is explicitly a ‘back to school’ campaign. Who goes back to school but women 21 (18?) and under? Who is AA’s target market? SAME. Why make a overly sexualized woman an aspirational one for youngins? WHY? The images in question were uploaded to both the company’s UK Instagram as well as its website, leaving consumers stunned on social.

The indirect messaging here is problematic. Using upskirting, a real issue that women deal with regularly, isn’t just cheap, it proliferates the continued objectification of young women. Just because American Apparel was founded by a creep, that does not mean its brand persona must be so fucking creepy.



Adding more smut to its ‘school girl fantasy’ campaign, A.A. also uploaded photos of unrealistically clad women hanging about in the hallways, looking more like they are ready to attend a Halloween party than go to third period. Find me a school in the United States that will accept this outfit and I will PERSONALLY give you twenty bucks. Cash.

AD142485194American Apparel.png



According to Daily Mail, the retailers’ lookbook tells students “Your first assignment is to dress accordingly.” Hm ironic because our question for you, American Apparel, is when you will do your part to take responsibility in PORTRAYING women appropriately? Get. it. together.

[Swagger New York]

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