Shopping This New App Is Like Instagram for Very Rich Kids


Spring, the shopping app that’s like Instagram with product details, launched today. You can shop almost 100 brands from Surface To Air to Oscar de La Renta on it, and it’s addictive.

I hit follow on Current/Elliot and Make because I like them, but so far, a good portion of the labels are “Coming Soon.” Thumbing down the endless sun-dappled pictures, I saw that Lela Rose shows an illustration of some flowery clothes, which is cool on Instagram, but not enough information for me as a shopper. Edie Parker showed me four fruit-patterned clutches assembled on a cutting board with other real fruit. (Each one is $1,495.) I tapped heart on this for creativity because I couldn’t really tell they were bags before I slid to the next windows. Spring also guessed I’d be keen to buy some stretch leather leggings posed facelessly from the waist down by someone next to a motorcycle.

Seeing this stuff on real people who look like bloggers on the street, in this format, actually makes it more appealing than the brands who post things that look more like traditional ads. It would be way too easy to buy the A-line army green swing trench from Everlane ($138) because the buy button comes first, before you can like or share it.

“Curated” is an overused word in fashion, but I like it. It makes you feel like the companies are romancing you more, so it’s dangerous. By taking the detached FOMO spectator art feeling out of Instagram, they give you the power to instantly have that life — as long as you have a credit card and know how to arrange your own fruit bag still lifes. There’s even an classy sext shot of a coral lace bra by Fleur du Mal with the line “That T-Shirt Bra isn’t doing anything for anyone.” True story.

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