Are Balmain Shoulders The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend?

Shoulder pads are one of the many trends men simply don’t seem to understand. While we personally would put up fists to get our hands on a Balmain Michael Jackson-inspired blazer, we do understand that many find the trend, well, ugly. After all, do we really want our shoulders to look that wide?

DIS Magazine identifies itself as “a dissection of fashion, art and commerce which seeks to dissolve conventions, distort realities, disturb ideologies and disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse.” Their most recent order of business? Taking a closer look at the bold shouldered trend.

What, the editors wondered, would it look like if we actually did want our shoulders to be Balmain-wide?

Shoulder Dysmorphia, DIS calls it. And in their make-believe world, the disorder is causing a slew of women to consider a surgical alternative to their natural shoulders.

The ever-expanding exacerbation of shoulder silhouettes in women’s ready-to-wear will not only continue on its grotesque path into the grim future, but consumer anxieties over natural shoulder inadequacy will skyrocket, forcing women to undergo startling new surgical procedures, season to season, in order to keep up with the newest designer shapes.

Enter, photoshop. See what women would look like with Balmain, McQueen, Givenchy, and even Lanvin-inspired shoulders.

[via DIS]

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