Signal-Blocking Fashion Offers Protection From Technological Penetration

It's basically the opposite of wearable tech.


It’s like wearing a technology chastity belt that protects you from the Internet’s deathgrip on your life.

Kunihiko Morinaga, a Japan-based fashion designer, created clothes that block the virtual world from distracting you from living your life. It’s the opposite of wearable tech.

The Focus Life Gear collection will shield smartphone electromagnetic waves and all the people calling you who don’t care about your desire to tune out the fact that they exist. When you’re wearing one of the pieces, callers will receive a “Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available” message. A more honest message would be, “I’m taking a mental day in this raincoat in bed because my thumbs are a danger to myself.”

Of the genesis of the clothes Morinaga said,

“While the introduction of the Internet and smartphones has made things very convenient, we’re spending time in the virtual world even when we are with real people. This is why we came up with the idea to create a collection of garments that would help us avoid these distractions and focus on real life.”

Using fabrication techniques similar to outerwear designed to protect people from rain and wind, Morinaga used materials that will stop most radio waves so that you can unplug. The futuristic gray threads don’t show any stitching because Morinaga used laser cutting and heat crimping on the fabric. These jackets and dresses are stalker-proof. Not even texts from the guy who can’t wait to tell your future kids the “how we met story when that elevator stopped” story is getting through this sheen-y hooded jacket. Somehow Trident gum is sponsoring this, and chewing gum will also help you resist the urge to text him back.


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